Drumlane & StratfordGrangecon through to Sunday

Following a thrilling match this morning, which the visitors took by 3 points, both teams travelled to Bray…and WON!  Carlow tomorrow and still rolling along into day three.

001 Channing Feile-1.jpg002 Channing Feile-2.jpg003 Channing Feile-3.jpg004 Channing Feile-4.jpg005 Channing Feile-5.jpg006 Channing Feile-6.jpg007 Channing Feile-7.jpg008 Channing Feile-8.jpg009 Channing Feile-9.jpg010 Channing Feile-10.jpg011 Channing Feile-11.jpg012 Channing Feile-12.jpg013 Channing Feile-13.jpg016 Channing Feile-16.jpg017 Channing Feile-17.jpg018 Channing Feile-18.jpg019 Channing Feile-19.jpg020 Channing Feile-20.jpg021 Channing Feile-21.jpg022 Channing Feile-22.jpg023 Channing Feile-23.jpg024 Channing Feile-24.jpg025 Channing Feile-25.jpg026 Channing Feile-26.jpg027 Channing Feile-27.jpg028 Channing Feile-28.jpg029 Channing Feile-29.jpg030 Channing Feile-30.jpg


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