Feile at Palatine, GAA U14 Football

So memories are made.  Our boys played against international competition and gave their all.  Congratulations to Warwickshire and Palatine who got the better of our team.  Quite simply we were pushed off the ball and outplayed.  Best memory?  half time talk, coaches looking to inspire the team with talk of grit and honour…U12 members squirting orange juice on each other.  Good memories.

001 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-1.jpg002 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-2.jpg004 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-4.jpg005 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-5.jpg006 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-6.jpg007 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-7.jpg008 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-8.jpg012 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-12.jpg015 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-15.jpg016 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-16.jpg018 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-18.jpg019 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-19.jpg020 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-20.jpg022 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-22.jpg023 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-23.jpg024 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-24.jpg025 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-25.jpg026 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-26.jpg027 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-27.jpg029 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-29.jpg033 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-33.jpg034 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-34.jpg035 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-35.jpg036 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-36.jpg037 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-37.jpg038 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-38.jpg039 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-39.jpg040 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-40.jpg041 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-41.jpg042 GAA Feile StratfordGrangecon-42.jpg

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