What to do with the wedding dress

At some point after the wedding, you will wonder what to do with the dress.  Will you sell it or use a specialist dry-cleaning/preservation service so you can admire it on your anniversary and pass it on to future generations?

How about getting some uniquely different pictures of yourself looking fabulous in it?  I’m talking of rocking it/trashing it/having a ball in it

Well, maybe you don’t completely trash the dress so you can get it cleaned and boxed, ready for daughters/nieces/granddaughters to dress up in it, take bits off it, or re-fashion it into something they want to wear, either on their big day or simply for fun.

Maybe part of you can’t bear to sell it, but the other part of you feels ridiculous to spend so much money on something you wear once.  A frock rock session with me will help lift the guilt – you get more wear out of it.  So now it’s actually a bargain!  And if you can’t bear to use this most precious of dresses – simply get a cheapie off Ebay, (I have a few in the studio!) and lets go for a walk on the beach.

If you want a truly unique wedding album simply give John a call, 087 2549225.

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