Bramble Cottage Forge

A morning spent hammering, bending and getting fingies burnt.  Beautiful recycling of a jeep’s coil spring into a work of art that I can use with beer – lovely.  Followed by a demonstration of fire welding.  Contact Derek here

004 Bramble Forge-4.JPG008 Bramble Forge-8.JPG011 Bramble Forge-11.JPG013 Bramble Forge-13.JPG016 Bramble Forge-16.JPG019 Bramble Forge-19.JPG020 Bramble Forge-20.JPG025 Bramble Forge-25.JPG034 Bramble Forge-34.JPG037 Bramble Forge-37.JPG041 Bramble Forge-41.JPG055 Bramble Forge-55.JPG068 Bramble Forge-68.JPG071 Bramble Forge-71.JPG072 Bramble Forge-72.JPG073 Bramble Forge-73.JPG075 Bramble Forge-75.JPG081 Bramble Forge-81.JPG084 Bramble Forge-84.JPG085 Bramble Forge-85.JPG090 Bramble Forge-90.JPG091 Bramble Forge-91.JPG092 Bramble Forge-92.JPG101 Bramble Forge-101.JPG102 Bramble Forge-102.JPG113 Bramble Forge-113.JPG117 Bramble Forge-117.JPG138 Bramble Forge-138.JPG140 Bramble Forge-140.JPG142 Bramble Forge-142.JPG145 Bramble Forge-145.JPG150 Bramble Forge-150.JPG151 Bramble Forge-151.JPG153 Bramble Forge-153.JPG156 Bramble Forge-156.JPG158 Bramble Forge-158.JPG160 Bramble Forge-160.JPG166 Bramble Forge-166.JPG168 Bramble Forge-168.JPG170 Bramble Forge-170.JPG172 Bramble Forge-172.JPG173 Bramble Forge-173.JPG177 Bramble Forge-177.JPG178 Bramble Forge-178.JPG182 Bramble Forge-182.JPG183 Bramble Forge-183.JPG184 Bramble Forge-184.JPG185 Bramble Forge-185.JPG186 Bramble Forge-186.JPG187 Bramble Forge-187.JPG188 Bramble Forge-188.JPG189 Bramble Forge-189.JPG192 Bramble Forge-192.JPG193 Bramble Forge-193.JPG199 Bramble Forge-199.JPG204 Bramble Forge-204.JPG

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