The decisive moment

Family peek through doorway waiting for bride to appear

In 1952 Henri Cartier-Bresson, pioneer of street and candid photography, proposed the concept of  ‘the decisive moment’.  That moment when the visual and the emotional come together to express the essence of a situation.  The unique purpose of photography, compared to other visual arts, is to capture this fleeting moment in the flow of life.  Many photographers describe their work as candid or authentic.  Few catch ‘the moment’, it is a slippery fish this visual alignment of heart and mind but it is truly beautiful when seen at a wedding – we try…

We encourage situations where magic moments can happen.  Walking across from University Church to the Shelbourne Hotel or from Fallon and Byrne to the Stags Head can allow moments to happen, that can't be scripted, staged or posed.

Have no Fear - Street weddings

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Family peek through doorway waiting for bride to appear